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Natsu Basho 2018:
May 13-27, 2018

Daily Deadlines:
15:00 Japan Time
08:00 Central European Time
02:00 US Eastern Time
23:00 US Pacific Time

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Welcome to the Sumo Game!

The Sumo Game at japan-guide.com is an online game for sumo fans. Goal of the game is to predict the performance of real sumo wrestlers during tournaments. Our Sumo Game resembles real sumo tournaments quite closely in that players will confront each other in daily bouts and will be promoted or demoted in our banzuke according to their results. Click here for detailed rules. In order to participate in the Sumo Game, sign up here.

Natsu Basho 2018 - Day 8
Natsunoyama keeps on winning and remains in the sole lead. A group of six is giving chase, including Komusubi Takanosushi.
Yesterday's Juryo leader Sagi lost and he now shares the lead with five others. And our two Makushita unbeaten players on day six remain unbeaten on day eight.
Sekiwake Metzinowaka is scoring well and has a 5-3 record now, meaning he needs five out of seven to reach ozeki. Ozeki Yamashiro has suffered two losses in a row and is now in a battle to keep his rank. He needs four out of seven against his fellows in sanyaku in week two.
by Pandaazuma, 2018/5/20

Natsu Basho 2018 - Day 6
Day 6 is in the books and there are no unbeaten players in Makuuchi. Kaiomitsuki, Natsunoyama, ScreechingOwl and Chishafuwaku lead the way.
Juryo is led by Sagi, Gaijingai and Yeditoshi, all with 5-1 records. And in Makushita we find the two remaining unbeaten players: Kamogawa and Kakushoyamaii.
Sekiwake Metzinowaka's quest for ozeki promotion will require some hard work as he now needs seven wins out of nine. Kadoban Ozeki Yamashiro has a comfortable four wins and needs just four more to keep his rank.
by Pandaazuma, 2018/5/18

Natsu Basho 2018 - Day 3
Welcome all to the Natsu basho, and the weather in Tokyo is matching the name.
There are two main talking points on our virtual dohyo. Sekiwake Metzinowaka just missed out on ozeki promotion last time but has another chance if he can win ten. He lost the first day but has recovered well and now stands at 2-1. Good luck to him. And Ozeki Yamashiro is kadoban, which means he needs 8 wins to keep his rank. He is also off to a fine 2-1 start.
We also welcome for the first time into sanyaku Komusubi Takanosushi, who lit up the Haru basho with a brilliant performance. He started well with a very powerful win over the yokozuna on day one, and won again on day two, but lost today. He now stands at 2-1 with a strong score, so it has been an excellent start.
The early standings see four unbeaten Makuuchi players, three of them with sanyaku experience: Chocshoporyu, ScreechingOwl and Chishafuwaku.
Juryo is led by six unbeaten hopefuls; Makushita sixteen!
Good luck to all the players!
by Pandaazuma, 2018/5/15

Haru Basho 2018 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:M8 Flohru (13-2; 102 points)
Juryo Yusho:J4 Tragikomy (12-3; 102 points)
Makushita Yusho:m43 Raiden (13-2; 101 points)
Gino-sho:M7 Takanosushi (12-3; 104 points)
M11 Survivor (8-7; 104 points)
M16 Kibooyama (10-5; 104 points)
Kanto-sho:M7 Takanosushi (12-3; 104 points)
Shukun-sho:S Metzinowaka (10-5; 101 points)
by Takanotaki, 2018/3/26

Haru Basho 2018 - Day 15
With Takanosushi's win over Sekiwake Metzinowaka, Flohru had to keep his nerve and he duly did so (with a generous hat tip to Goeido being Goeido). Congratulations to Flohru on his fifth Makuuchi yusho, a number achieved only by Norizo and Gaijingai. He should get a nice bump into sanyaku and has a perfect platform for building an ozeki run over the next two tournaments. Takanosushi was unlucky after an excellent scoring performance but will at least be receiving the gino-sho and a probable jump into sanyaku with his rival.
Tragikomy overcame Wakamasuto in the Juryo death match by a very fine margin and can celebrate a return to Makuuchi. And Raiden slaughtered Kotoshu in their yusho bout to take a very well-deserved Makushita title on his debut.
Sekiwake Metzinowaka performed very strongly this tournament but missed the ozeki promotion target by just one win. He may still get the nod, but it won't be by the numbers. If he doesn't go up, he has a good platform for ozeki promotion in May, where he would need 10 wins.
As for the newcomers at the top of the banzuke, Yokozuna Pandaazuma achieved a winning record with a high-scoring performance. Ozeki Yamashiro fell just short of a winning record and will be kadoban in May.
Congratulations to all the winners...and see you back here in May.
by Pandaazuma, 2018/3/25

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