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Haru Basho 2017 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:M17 Kaiomitsuki (13-2; 104 points)
Juryo Yusho:J13 Chisaiyama (12-3; 94 points)
Makushita Yusho:m31 Nantonoyama (13-2; 101 points)
Gino-sho:M10 Susanoo (8-7; 105 points)
M11 Takanosushi (11-4; 105 points)
M14 Randomitsuki (9-6; 105 points)
M16 Andoreasu (8-7; 105 points)
Kanto-sho:M17 Kaiomitsuki (13-2; 104 points)
Shukun-sho:not rewarded
by Takanotaki, 2017/3/27

Haru Basho 2017 - Day 15
Real drama on the real dohyo but things were fairly humdrum on the virtual one. Kaiomitsuki wrapped up a well-deserved yusho - his first Makuuchi one - with a fabulous 13-2 record and can look forward to a hefty boost in the rankings for May.
Chisaiyama took a day off today - probably due to a hangover from his yusho party on Saturday night - and lost but he still finished two wins clear of the field. Another first ever yusho.
Firsts are the definite theme of Haru Basho, with long-time leader Nantonoyama taking a maiden title on a tie-break despite losing today.
Congratulations to all the winners. See you back in Tokyo in May.
by Pandaazuma, 2017/3/27

Haru Basho 2017 - Day 14
Of the five main challengers, only Kaiomitsuki and Pandaazuma won, putting Kaiomitsuki firmly in the driving seat. There is still work to be done, however: If Kaiomitsuki beats Komusubi Norizo tomorrow, the tournament is his. If he loses and Takanosushi wins, it will go to a tie-break. As their scores are currently tied, points tomorrow may be crucial. Pandaazuma is unlikely to challenge even if he wins as he is five points off the pace.
Juryo is very simple to report: Congratulations to Chisaiyama, who easily wrapped things up with a three-win advantage.
Makushita also looks to be done and dusted. Nantonoyama is only pursued by one player: Barusho. But the points differential makes it highly likely that Nantonoyama is home and dry.
Good luck to all the contenders!
by Pandaazuma, 2017/3/25

Haru Basho 2017 - Day 13
In a very difficult day - reflected by the sub-five average score - all the leaders in Makuuchi lost, giving some slight hope to Haidouzo and Bill, who reached the ten-win mark. As once again all the main contenders are kept apart and in fact given losing-record-trending opponents on day 14, anything could happen.
Chisaiyama won again in Juryo and is now the firm favourite to lift the trophy. And Nantonoyama suffered the ignominy after a fantastic run to lose to a drone that featured Hakuho and Goeido in its team. Kazamidori, Toriazuma and Barusho will all be hoping for a repeat performance from the leader over the weekend.
by Pandaazuma, 2017/3/24

Haru Basho 2017 - Day 12
In a game where the final winning score is usually 11 wins, it is remarkable indeed that two players have already reached that mark on day 12. Takanosushi and Kaiomitsuki march on, easily overcoming their sanyaku foes. Pandaazuma pursues doggedly one win behind.
In Juryo Chisaiyama got back to winning ways and now has a two win cushion between him his two closest rivals. And the Nanotoyama shows just rolls on and on. The perfect streak reaches 12. Three players are two wins behind, hoping against hope for a mishap.
by Pandaazuma, 2017/3/24

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